Improvements at last!

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog. I started another website to post my thoughts about anything in football, and I've really enjoyed blogging about topics such as sexism, referees, modern football and even homophobia.

But I found myself reading my first few posts that I published way back in February on this blog, and realised I really missed writing about Rovers on a regular basis. I missed conversing with other fans, and just generally talking about my team. So I've decided to try and update this blog a bit more.


A pleasing point from Pride Park

A stunning volley courtesy of Leon Best meant that Rovers secured a point in their first league fixture against Derby County.

The home side were awarded a penalty following a foolish handle committed by new boy, Alex Marrow seeing Johnny Russell seize the advantage for the Rams, sending Jake Kean in the opposite direction to his powerful strike.


If it's going well.. Think again.

An appointed manager, three appropriate signings, a contract renewal with Grant Hanley, an amazing season ticket deal and a statement from Jordan Rhodes assuring fans that he is "happy to stay at Blackburn Rovers." It all sounds slightly too sensible for Rovers given the deterioration of the club since poultry giants Venky's took over in November of 2010.